Schwab in the City

On our ground floor, you can find a huge choice of decorative fabrics, upholstery fabrics, wall cladding as well as carpets, parquet and other flooring.

The different awning systems, such as blinds, venetian blines, pleated curtains, vertical blinds, panel curtains, marquees etc. are available in all sizes. Created by international fabric designers, we find functional and innovative solutions for you. S-shaped and other curtain rods and rails play a significant part in the decoration and design of your living space and give it a special touch.

Our upholstery fabrics combine taste, fashion and comfort. Your living comfort is ensured through innovative designs and delightful combinations. Companies from France, Italy, Germany, England and from Asia offer a great variety of covers made from fabric and other fine materials.

For "floor grip", please choose from among a large range of flooring made from wood, materials using the latest technology, new wool etc. in many colours and designs. This puts the last touches to your personal style and creates a pleasant atmosphere in your living and office space.